Welcome to Trendeen Magazine, a travel and culture magazine focusing on urban and rural travel locations by city and state, writers’ takes on current events and culture and tips for cultivating experiences.

Who We Are and What We do

We are a group of writing enthusiasts from all corners of the world, with a focus on the US and some of our adventures abroad. Trendeen Magazine’s values or mission… is this and that.

There’s one thing that unites us, and if you asked us, it’s this: We like to experience new places (travel) and be part of many cultures (culture).

Austin Capitol Building
Credit: Photo by Chris Smith from Pexels

Things you can expect from Trendeen Magazine:

  • Perspectives on places we visit and recommend
  • Reviews of places (businesses, national parks, places, secret travel get-aways)
  • Interviews with our favorite writers and travel enthusiasts
  • Takes on current events related to domestic and international culture and trends

Our senior editor and founder is Jose Cervantes. Connect with him on LinkedIn!